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emotional pain8 Proven Success Strategies.

There are 8 proven strategies to success that highly successful people have always used to overcome obstacles to their goals.

1. Get Aligned 

It’s important to first clearly define exactly what you are truly passionate about — then find a way to become successful at that passion. Only passion stirs up the kind of energy you’ll need when you hit those inevitable bumps in the road. An important proven effective success strategy is to set passionate goals!

2. Focus on Your Priorities
Many folks try to fit their dreams into their life — complaining there are not enough hours in the day to make it happen. If you want your dream to become a reality, make it a priority. Otherwise it will never be more than a pipe dream, and you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment.

Making something important happen in your life requires more than just a goal — it requires a REAL plan of action to get you on target! Create a realistic goal plan that fits the reality of your life.

3. Don’t Force It
Don’t try to force something that isn’t happening. Go for the type of inspired, joyful action that comes along with pursuing a goal in true alignment with your dreams. This causes things to flow along easily and without energy-consuming “efforting.”

Contrast this to forcing yourself to take an action you really don’t want to take. Most likely this will take you twice as long, and you’ll bump up against obstacles.

Whenever possible swim with the current … not against it. And stick to your goal plan to success.

4. Manage your Stress
Stress throws us off balance and into an older, less productive portion of our brain. It prepares you to fight or run. But it does not prepare you to successfully achieve a goal (unless that goal is to escape a tiger.)

5. Build your Strengths
Success comes easier and more quickly when you focus on your strengths, and delegate in those areas where you are less capable. Your natural talents are those things you do so easily and naturally. They contain the seeds of your greatest potential accomplishments.

It’s very important to identify and work on your natural talents and abilities. This is where self knowledge pays off in big dollars and accomplishments. And don’t forget to also your build your mind power!

6. Disarm Your Inner Saboteur
Fear of failure is the biggest internal fear most people will ever have to face. It is why so many ideas never get beyond the idea stage — and why most new projects are started, but never finished.

It’s okay to have these feelings, but it is important to identify them for what they are.

Most fears of failure go all the way back to childhood, and are not even accurate for who you are today. Drag them up into the daylight, and take serious action to face them head on.

7. Develop Resilience
The truth is, you will have setbacks along the way. This is inevitable. The sooner you accept that, the better. Often if you look closely, you will find these setbacks are directly related to your innermost thoughts, fears and beliefs. This is because we create what we focus on, including those things we don’t want.

Don’t get stopped by these bumps in the road. Learn from them. As you work through them you will become the person you need to be to create your dreams. And along the way, be sure to refine your stress management skills. This is an essential key to resilience!

8. Use the Power of Visualization
The muscles we use to physically take action in our lives begins in the mind. That is why all great golfers, tennis players, basketball players, dancers, etc. visualize themselves performing successfully.

An experiment conducted by Aussie psychologist Alan Richardson reported a 23% performance improvement among people who visualized every day for 20 days. Richardson found that the most effective visualization occurs when you feel and see what you are doing. I can help you power-up your success. 

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States of Consciousness

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Brainwaves & States of Consciousness

Each and every thought or memory you have has a corresponding brainwave – an electrical signal that passes through your brain and triggers an appropriate memory, thought, response or action.

The goal of the QUANTUM MIND training program is to support you in learning to recognize exactly what mental state and combination of brainwaves YOU are currently experiencing. From this you will develop the ability to create any combination of brainwaves at will — including higher states of consciousness, and any combination appropriate for your current goal (instant deep meditation, creative awareness, etc).

Human Consciousness

There are six easily recognized states of human consciousness:

Deep Sleep
Dreaming Sleep
Conscious Wakefulness
Instantaneous Insight
Transcendental Consciousness

Each of these six states of consciousness represents an increased direct personal experience of the nature of reality, and is said to move us closer to the ideal state of enlightenment.

Deep sleep is the first level of consciousness, and occurs when your brain is producing very slow Delta brainwaves. During deep sleep there is some awareness, and we can still respond to such external stimuli as sound, bright light, or touch. However for the most part, during deep sleep our sensory perception is primarily turned down, and we experience very little cognition or thinking.

The second state of consciousness is dreaming. During dreaming we produce REM (rapid eye movements) and spikes into the faster brainwave frequencies. We are a bit more conscious and alert than during deep sleep. Dreams are definite experiences – we see images and patterns, perceive sounds, and can even think and analyze during dreams. Dream reality poses something of a mystery. The Buddha is quoted as having said: “Am I a man dreaming I am a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming I am a man.”

The experience of conscious wakefulness is the mental state we tend to spend most of our waking time in. Measurable brain activity during the waking state of consciousness is quite different when compared with brain activity during both sleep and dreaming. Common wakefulness brainwave activity is dominated by Beta and Gamma brainwaves, perhaps with some Alpha spikes.

The fourth state of awareness is instantaneous insight. This is the state of consciousness we experience when we have an instant insight, often accompanied by a sensation of a light flashing in the brain, or a vibration or pressure across the top of the head. This state of mind is entered through a state of relaxed awareness dominated by Alpha and some Theta brainwaves. The sensation of light flashing in the brain is an explosion of energy created by a massive neural connection. The feeling of pressure across the top of the head is sensed as the entire cortex vibrates in a single coherent frequency – like the shaking of a bowl of jello.

The fifth state is content-free restful alertness, often referred to as transcendental consciousness. This state usually occurs during deep meditation when we become, even for a moment, absolutely still and focused in the quiet gap between our thoughts. This state occurs as the mind momentarily aligns with the Unified Field of Consciousness — the one source of infinite intelligence and creativity. In this state the the self is only aware of itself, and is devoid of all thoughts, feelings and perceptions. Your self-awareness is intact, yet there is no sense of time, space, or your body.

This mental state has a corresponding brainwave corresponds to an integrated brain state in which the left and right hemispheres are totally balanced and the Schumann gate is open. Conscious Delta brainwaves are present, and levels of Theta and Alpha are elevated and integrated through activity in the Schumann frequency (7.87 cps).

The sixth state of consciousness is enlightenment, a meta-level of awareness characterized by the persistent presence of Transcendental Consciousness throughout all of one’s activity – waking, sleeping, and dreaming. To my knowledge, no brainwave studies have been performed of this state of consciousness. I personally know only one person whom I can attest lives in this state of enlightenment and constant bliss – Sri Anandi Ma – but I have heard of others.


The Quantum Mind Program™

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Amazing Success

Change Habits

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You have approximaely 30 billion neurons, the nerve cells that conduct information throughout your brain and down into your body. It has been estimated that your brain has 100,000 miles of neural fibers created as your neurons communicate with each other.

How Power of Mind Works. Everything making up your power of mind is stored on such physical neural-pathways. Each time you think a thought, it is communicated among your neurons via tiny electro-chemical messages.

The first time you learn something new, a new neural pathway is created. The next time you have that experience, your brain will follow the same pathway. This is how a thought or action becomes a habit.

Then each time you act out that habit, the more physically durable the neural pathway holding it will become. That is why it is so hard to break a habit. Your habit is wired into your brain as actual physical connections.

Using Mind Power to Change Habits. If you have habits you would like to change, start by recognizing the fact that you cannot just rationalize them away. You will have to create neural pathways that are stronger that the one you wish to change. Two things create strong neural pathways: Repetition, and intense emotion.

You can use your mind power to change a habit by: (1) Allowing yourself to feel some intense emotion about the habit you want to change, (2) choosing a new positive behavior or thought pattern, (3) associating your new pattern with even stronger positive emotion, (4) rewarding yourself with praise each time you replace the old pattern with the new one, and (5) repeating this as often as possible.

By doing this you are creating physical changes in your brain – rewiring the neural pathways that will change that habit.

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Are You Chasing the Right Dream

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The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.
~~ William James, famed psychologist

Achieving certain dreams often requires FAR LESS WORK than achieving other, seemingly easier goals. Why is that so?

Because it is much, much harder to work for a goal we do not passionately desire. But when you manage to get yourself focused on what is naturally of passionate interest to you your work becomes play.

Are Your Goals a Good Fit?
Hopefully you’ve invested some thought clarifying your life goals and you know exactly what you want. So why not take a few minutes to ask yourself an important question am I pursuing the right goal for ME?

Here’s why that is so important: You’ll never really achieve your true potential as long as you pour your energy into something that doesn’t really fit your true passions and interests! Does that seem too simple?

Think about that for a moment. It’s unfortunately very easy to automatically adopt someone else’s goal. We were trained to do that very thing as children.

Ninty-nine percent of us were fully expected to achieve the goals our parents and educational system set out for us. Some of us gave in and tried to do so. Some of us rebelled and learned to fail instead. And some of us felt somehow inadequate because we did not have the natural interest and or aptitude to do what we were expected to do.

If you find you never seem to achieve your goals, you may be setting goals you don’t really desire or believe in for yourself.

This is never going to lead to success. What it will lead to is one false start after another and a tendency to want to quit after the first bump in the road.

This is a major dead-end, and will do nothing but gradually erode your self confidence.

Ask Yourself This…
You need to be sure your goal really is YOUR goal for YOUR life. If you feel resistance, take a serious look at that. Ask yourself who you might really be setting that goal for?

Then ask yourself if you really have a burning passion for that goal, and are willing to butt heads with as many so-called failures as necessary to achieve it.

If your answer is no this may be a good time to revisit your goal setting exercise.

Selecting an Appropriate Goal
Three things will happen if you make the effort to refocus yourself around a goal that is more in keeping with your natural talents and passions:

you will be happier, less stressed, and far more productive.

you will be far more likely to hang in as you hit those jarring bumps in the road.

And third, there is a higher probability you will achieve a level of excellence at what you’re doing. This increases your value thereby increasing your potential for increased return on your efforts.

So put your goal to the test. Does it truly measure up to your innermost desires?

Achieve it.
The secrets of goal achievement are actually quite clear cut:

Have burning passion for what is desired,

Set a clear and exact goal to get it,

Make an absolute commitment to achieve the goal,

Be willing to pay the price for achieving it, and

Commit to focused action, focused action and more focused action.


Action Point…
Now … ask yourself this question: Is this year going to be any different than last year? How? And what do I have to do NOW to make next year more of what I want? Are YOU motivated to improve your probability of achieving your goals and become a whole lot happier and successful? => Start here.

What is The **SCIENCE** Behind the Law of Attraction?


It’s amazing the way our brain works. It’s so similar to many other phenomena in the universe. You already know that your brain selects from virtually infinite universal possibilities in a way very similar to the way possibilities unfold in Quantum Physics.

You can transform your life (and yes, your financial potential) in less than a week. This is not mysticism or magic. It is proven scientific principles in action every day in the laboratory.

You can actually directly influence reality to manifest anything you desire in your life. This is exactly how Kahunas and Shamans have done miracles for centuries. AND yes, you truly CAN create abundance quickly and easily. In fact, this is the same method that has always been used by the richest people around the world.

Actually you are using this process right now to influence the universe, and it has created the reality you are experiencing right now. And yes, this does include any challenges or problems you have today.

Like many serious scientists today, we totally agree with what Albert Einstein believed: Modern science is proving what metaphysics has long claimed. We each truly DO create our own reality with our thoughts. We see this in the lab when we observe sub-atomic particles, and our very act of observation changes how the particles manifest.

But the truth is, most Law of Attraction teachers do not understand the scientific principles behind the Law of Attraction, so they cannot tell you what to do if you run into delays or problems.

But if YOU are serious about talking charge of your reality, you can use science to really make the Law of Attraction truly work for you.

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Are You Ready to Take the Red Pill and Create the Life You Dream of?

By Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler

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