The Amazing Value of Your Natural Talents

January 13, 2017 by  
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Want to earn some extra cash or create a new business? Chances are you already have natural talents that could become your business focus. It’s easy to overlook what you naturally do well.

Do you have a friend who has a beautiful garden that was featured in the local newspaper, or perhaps an associate who’s so organized that projects get done easily?

I’ll  bet if you asked them about their talent they would just shrug it off as easy. The talent you’re admiring is effortless and natural to them. But there’s potential gold in your natural talents. 

One friend in California has a profitable home business for something most business people hate — bookkeeping.  She has a wonderful stress-free lifestyle, controls her own schedule, makes lots of money, and has a waiting list of clients.

One of my neighbors worked for years for a carpet and flooring business. He now makes a handsome part-time income from an ad telling people NOT to hire a carpet cleaner. For $100 he shows people how to use Windex and an old rag to spot clean carpet stains and repair burns. He even shows how to restore the beauty of a wood floor with an over-the-counter product. And he is making lots of money doing it.

Love dogs? I know two dog lovers who created a *cash cow* business YOU could easily duplicate. They rented a cheap warehouse with a fenced backyard and set up a doggie day care center. They are so profitable they’re opening another location. City people will always spend money to have someone care for their dog while they are at work.

Are you an out-of-work executive? The very thing that cost you your job has created a new opportunity — part-time consulting. Companies still need your expertise, they just can’t afford a full time person with your skills.

Ultimately the ability to make a living with your natural talents and skills begins with a choice, followed by action. You can do this!  Your special skills ARE salable to others.  Just go for it.