Can a Story Initiate Personal Growth?

Did you by chance read The Celestine Prophesy?

If so, did you wonder how that book could end up on the NY Times Bestseller list for three years!

WHY did this happen? Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler here. I have spent years  teaching mind power and personal growth to people from around the world — and before that I did the same in a clinical environment in California’s Silicon Valley.

And although I have developed many of the best personal development tools on the web, there is something I must still admin: WE LEARN MORE, AND LEARN MORE DEEPLY, FROM STORIES.

Here is a ell-written adventure fable that, Like Celestine Prophesy, will drop personal transformation right into the back of your mind:

Go read a sample from BOOK  of the “Birth of a Warrior: The Dragon’s Gate” click here!

FREE Disaster Preparedness Videos

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Disaster Preparedness Tips

Earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, tsumanis,  hurricanes and industrial failures are happening around the world at an alarming frequency today. Disaster preparedness is of increasing importance.

It’s no accident the Red Cross, our churches,and the media news are now telling us to “Be prepared.”

Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler of Quantum-Self here. I have personally been through three disasters – including two major earthquakes, and being stuck on a remote mountain in an old VW in the middle of a very intense blizzard.

Each time I was thankful for the disaster preparedness supplies I always keep at home and in my car.

From my heart, I suggest you consider setting up home and car emergency preparedness kits.

Preparing a Disaster Preparedness Kit

Include some energy-intense foods, water, a rain poncho, a space blanket, a good multi-purpose knife, a flashlight and extra batteries, first aid supplies, water purification tablets, a water container, a way to start a fire, some rope, etc.

Think ahead for yourself and those you love.

I personally buy pre-made kits from the company that also supplies the Red Cross, the US Marine Corps, and several major world-wide preparedness and disaster support organizations. I trust their integrity and the reliability of their products.

Free Disaster Preparedness Videos

From my heart I urge you to spend a few minutes to view their VIDEOS on how to prepare yourself and your family for the *increasing probability* of future major earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, nuclear power plant failures, and other earth-related and weather disasters.

What you will learn about disaster preparedness could prove very important to you and your loved ones. Watch videos NOW   

Disaster Preparedness Posted by the Quantum Leap Audios

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Become a Certified Life Coach

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Quantum Success CourseCertified Life Coach Training

Are you struggling with the financial challenges of today’s economic downturn?

Many folks are turning to a new profession — working as a certified life coach in their own personal field of specialization.

What is a Certified Life Coach?

The first question might be: What IS a life coach? And only secondarily, what is a certified life coach?

In the simplest possible terms, a life coach may specialize in anything.

If you have built a great dog training business, for example, you might want to offer coaching to teach other people how to set up their own dog training business. The same is true for virtually any specialization — from small business, to dealing with personal challenges, or even preparing your homw for sale. The field of personal
coaching is wide open.

There are basically TWO secrets to doing well as a life coach.  The first is picking a field of interest
you are truly interested in and have some skill in. The second is more challenging – presenting yourself as a credible resource.

How to Become A Certified Life Coach

Becoming a cdertified life coach can cost thousands of dollars. But there is an alternative.  Mike Litman and Steve G.
Jones have created an amazing life coaching certification course that can solve the certification challenge.

How would YOU like to be certified by Mike Litman as a trusted resource in your field?

Mile and Steve have done something truly amazing. Their certified life coach program is destined to retail for $675.
BUT — You can now enroll for the ridiculously low price of just $77 if you respond quickly!

That’s nearly 90% off the normal price of $675!  They can only take a limited number of students so
act now before the price goes up.

If this fits your vision, I encourage you to Enroll Today, at almost 89% Off —Click Here!

Similar life coaching certifications will cost you thousands. Go ahead and search the internet for yourself. Why pay thousands when you can get certified by a BIG name for just $77?

Click here for a truly useful course that can give a huge credibility boost.

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