How to Experience Higher Mental States

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experience higher mental statesExperiencing higher mental states is no longer the mysterious realm of mystics and strange geniuses.

Today’s brain/mind researchers have identified the exact source of that strange sensation of a light bulb suddenly flashing in your brain — or an oddly pleasant buzzing sound inside your head.

What’s happening? You have simply slipped into the realm of  HQ — your Higher Intelligence.

What is HQ?
Your Higher Intelligence (HQ) is a fascinating mental state. While your IQ and EQ (emotional intelligence) operate on actual neural (brain cell) pathways or networks — your HQ is a rebel.

HQ, your most creative and inventive mental state, and does not seem to use any connections between your neurons at all. HQ experiences are accompanied by a spontaneous vibration of your cortex (your thinking cap) like an electrified bowl of jello.

That “ah ha” flash of light probably IS very real inside your brain, as suddenly your entire cortex is vibrating at a single coherent frequency, just like you ran a current of electricity through it.

Can HQ be Taught?
Interestingly, quite a bit of HQ experiences seem tied to the 7 Hz (cycles per second) and lower brainwave frequencies. And it also seems apparent tht an open A-T (alpha-theta)  bridge connecting the conscious and subconscious minds is esential. This could explain why your ah ha experience seems so fresh and remarkable — you have integrated two portions of your self that seldom meet face-to-face.

The secret of building your ability to experience HQ experiences is to strengthen this conscious-subconscious bridge. Check out=> A-T (alpha-theta) brainwave training.


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