How Can I Get Clear Mental Focus?

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Get more mental focusWhy is mental focus so important?

Because your intelligence, creativity and other mental powers are really only as sharp as your mental focus.

Have you ever sat by the side of a stream doing nothing but allowing the sights, sounds and smells of nature flow over you? You had no phones ringing, and no pressure to be anywhere else … just the warm sun on your body, the birds singing, and the relaxing sound of the stream babbling along. Remember how calm and focused you felt?

Your State of Mind
Ever wondered why some folks are calm and have clear mental focus even when surrounded by pure chaos?  The one single cause is what’s happening in their brain.

At this very moment your brain is generating tiny electrical impulses that can be viewed on a monitor as brainwave patterns. The frequency of your brainwaves actually determines your state of mind, your mental focus, and how you react to your environment.

The Four Types of Brainwaves

Brainwave  frequencies fall into four major categories. Every state of consciousness you experience corresponds to one of these four brainwave patterns. And although Beta is the most common brainwave pattern, you normally also produce the other three brainwave patterns simultaneously.

BETA brainwaves are your fastest brainwaves, and occur when you are use your mind to think or analyze. Higher levels of Beta often make you feel anxious, stressed, or unfocused.

ALPHA brainwaves are produced when you are relaxed. These brainwaves are used for super-learning, increased concentration,  clear mental focus, and de-stressed relaxation. The lower end of Alpha serves as the link between our conscious and subconscious minds.

THETA brainwaves are present in dreaming sleep and REM rapid eye movement state. They are also present in deep meditation, spontaneous creativity ah-ha moments, and long-term memory. Theta is your deepest center of creative inspiration

DELTA brainwaves occur in deep dreamless sleep, trance-like states, or during any loss of bodily awareness. Delta is the source of ESP experiences, intuition and higher awareness. Many feel it is the gateway to the subconscious, and the collective unconscious or universal mind.

Mastering your Brainwaves
You already have some ability to control your brainwaves, although you may not be consciously aware that you’re doing so. But most of the time our brainwaves control us, so we react to what’s happening around us, instead of responding in more beneficial ways.

Wouldn’t you agree that a better strategy is to be able to change your state of mind to match the situation — instead of blindly reacting based on uncontrolled brainwaves?

A Clear Mental Focus Experiment
Try this one-minute experiment: Remember the sitting beside a stream scene at the start of this article? Go back and re-read that short paragraph then just close your eyes for a moment and visualize that scene as vividly and clearly as possible.

Know what you just did? You naturally slowed your brainwaves down from Beta to Alpha. It’s that simple. The problem is this: We are usually so caught up in our lives, we seldom take the time to do what you just did.

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