Can Emotions Boost Your Immunity?

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yellowsunYou’re familiar with your 5 basic physical senses: sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. And you also know about your sixth sense – intuition. But… scientists now tell us we have a 7th sense –  our immune system. And it actually talks directly to the brain. Here’s how it works, and how to use your emtoions to boost your immunity.

A Very Brief History
Back in the 1970’s a Harvard study provided the first scientific evidence that our immune system is directly affected by moods and emotions. The evidence came in the form of the discovery that our immune cells contain neuropeptides – the brain chemicals connected to our emotions.

Immune system research has since taken off, and is today known as psychoneuroimmunology PNI.

A Surprising Two-Way Highway
Today PNI research has confirmed that every part of our immune system is connected to the brain in some way -either by a direct nerve connection, or through the brain’s chemical language of neuropeptides and hormones.

There is actually a two-way highway between the immune system and brain. The immune system acts as an emotional sensory system. It receives information about our emotions FROM the brain, and also sends its own signals back TO the brain. And these immune system signals then directly alter our behavior, thoughts and moods.

The brain and the immune system are actually part of a single, fully integrated defense mechanism. Dr Candice Pert, a neuroscientist who pioneered early body-mind research, says: I can no longer make a clear distinction between the brain and the body.

Moods and our Immune System
As a result of this two-way highway, what happens in your mind has an immediate effect on your immune system. We all know, for example, that certain stressful experiences increase our risk for disease, and even death.

Jane Goodall, the famed primate researcher, says this same phenomenon occurs in other animals. Goodall saw one chimpanzee become listless after the death of its mother, and then die in less than a month.

Several major studies have determined how our mental states influence our immune system. The results are conclusive: Negative mental states, chronic stress, and low self-esteem dramatically reduce our immunity.

Proven immune reducers include: Chronic stress, bereavement, pessimism, low self-esteem, depression, divorce, poor marital or intimate relations, loneliness, and financial loss.

Want to increase your immunity? And there is likewise proof that positive mental states and activities can increase your immunity. Proven immune boosters include: Aerobics, humor and laughter, a sense of hope, relaxation, physical exertion, social support, and satisfying relationships.

The Surprising Issue of Self Confidence
Do you often find your moods and emotions less positive than your would prefer? Most of us would rather feel up than down. But emotional ups and downs are a normal part of life.

But the chronic emotional lows that go hand-in-hand with low self-confidence are different. Low self confidence is NOT just a psychological issue. It sets you up for chronic stress. And chronic stress damages the ability of your immune system to resist disease, infections, and even heart disease.How can you win over chronic low-level stress, and the resulting weakened immune system? Obviously, one important move would be to take steps to=> Boost Your Self-Confidence.

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