Self-Confidence and Your Performance

March 20, 2009 by  
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Many scientific studies tell us that our self -confidence has a direct effect on our performance in all areas of  life — and that this is directly tied to what we simply believe to be true.

Lets review just one classic study.

Picture this… A teacher comes into a primary-level classroom, and tells her students that a new scientific study proves blue-eyed children are a lot smarter than brown- or green-eyed children.

The results are dramatic. The blue-eyed children immediately began to outperform their brown and green-eyed classmates in all aspects of their studies.

Then two months later the teacher calls a special classroom meeting. She tells the students she had made a serious mistake. She apologizes, and says the scientific study actually proven that brown- and green-eyed children are the most intelligent.

Again the results are dramatic and immediate. The blue-eyed children lose their edge and begin to under perform. The brown- and green-eyed children’s grades, on the other hand, immediately soar to the superior range.

What does this prove? Simply this:

  • If you *believe* youâyou are  smart, you act smart.
  • If you *believe* you are creative, you act creative.
  • If you *believe* you are a success, you act successful.
  • If you believe you are excellent at something, you act excellent.

We each live up (or live down) to the image we hold of our own self.