Hard to Believe Mind Power, But True…

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mind powerAmazing Mind Power…

Recently I saw a replay of a remarkable Science/Discovery Channel program about real people with truly extraordinary mind power.

One was a man from the Netherlands they called *the Ice Man.* He has an amazing ability to withstand extreme cold. The program showed him running a half marathon in the Arctic wearing nothing but shorts. Although the temperature was -30 degrees Centigrade, he ran topless and barefoot — using his unusual mind power to survive.

His doctor said they would have to amputate his toes because they were frozen dead.

No problem. The Ice Man simply *willed* his toes back to life using his super mind power. The doctor was shocked, and so was I.

Here’s what the brilliant American psychologist William James said about our mind power:
*Compared to what we should be, we are only half alive. We are making use of only a small part of our mind power. Deep down inside of us are vast powers we know nothing of and never use.*

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Super Human Mind Power?

Is super human mind power possible?  YES!

There’s a man from the Netherlands with the ability to withstand extreme cold. Like Tibetan monks, he can warm his body temperature with only his thoughts.

He was recently featured on TV running a half marathon wearing only a pair of shorts and barefoot in a -30C temperature.

After the race the doctor said they would have to amputate his toes because they were frozen dead. He simply willed his toes back to life with his mind.

The truth is, there is absolutely NO limit to our human mind power. Think about this for a moment: If we were to line up the neurons (brain cells) in your brain, they would reach all the way to the moon and back. This is not an exaggeration. It is scientific fact.

The great American psychologist William James said: Compared to what we should be, we are only half alive. We are making use of only a small part of our mind power. Deep down inside of us are vast powers we know nothing of and never use.

We are ALL blessed with awesome mental potential. Right now, your mind has the power to answer and solve any of your problems, dilemmas and personal challenges. You have the power to create your perfect life, regardless of the world economy. You are not limited in any way by your environment, your background, your intelligence or even by lack of money.

How can you claim more of your mental potential? By simply learning how to harness and re-direct more of your brain’s incredible natural power.

Most of our high-talent brain cells never wake up of their own accord, but remain sleeping slackers and go with us to our graves, unless some emotional experiences wakes them up and develops them. The most valuable thing that can come into anyone’s life is that book, that proverb, that experience, that person, that emergency or incident that introduces a man or woman to his or her inner unknown powers, says Frank Tibolt, author of A Touch of Greatness.

If you are looking for a fast, easy and effective way to unleash your superhuman mental powers, take a serious look at using THE state-of-the-art method — professionally engineered brainwave training!

Thousands of intelligent people from around the world consider it their secret weapon for pleasantly training their brain for supercharged performance.



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mind powerSUPER HUMAN MIND POWER is not a fantasy.  Here’s the science behind it… and an ancient Shaolin mind power exercise you can do to prove it to yourself.

We all know that we are composed of atoms. But what are atoms made of?

Physicists say atoms are composed of electrons, protons and neutrons – but are actually point particles. Point particles have no mass and occupy no space, and are therefore not affected by time.
Plus an electron isn’t a thinga t all, but only a point of quantum possibility.

So, we are composed of elements that have no mass, occupy no space, are not affected by time and that no one has ever seen. We are each pure potential or possibility.

Modern day physics, psychology and philosophy all show us that reality is truly not what it seems.
We can only perceive reality through our five senses – which must also be composed of point particles because they are part of our physical experience which is composed of point particles.

Let’s start with vision
When you look at a tree, photons of light reflected from the tree focus on the retina of your eye. Your eye, in turn, releases a flow of electrical impulses which are sent to your brain’s visual cortex. This is then converted into an image of a tree by your brain.

Is the tree really real? What you’re actually experiencing is an image generated in your mind. And by the way, photons are also classed as point particles – they don’t exist either. Everything you see, hear, taste, touch or smell has been create by your brain from data received by your sensory organs. However real all this may seem to you, it’s all based on your interpretation of mental images and feelings  constructed entirely within your mind.

Dreams Have the Same Reality
So… this takes us to dreams and visualizations. When we are awake the reality we experience is created from our sensory data input and our mental interpretation of what is happening outside us. The same process of reality generation occurs in dreams, lucid dreams, and visualizations. Brain uses the same neurons to see an apple as it does to dream of, or use your mind power to visualize, an apple.

So, what’s the difference? REALLY NONE.

You are NOT a passive observer of a randomly created world – you are the active CREATOR of the world you dream of, visualize, and actually observe and live in.

A Mind Power Secret of Shaolin Monks
What follows is a mind power exercise that has been known for thousands of years.

1)      Plant your feet shoulder width apart, and balance your weight comfortably over both feet.

2)       Raise one arm out to the side of your body to the height of your shoulder — the palm facing up and with your fingers comfortably outstretched. Bend your arm at the elbow just slightly.

3)      Breathe deeply through your nose. Exhale slowly – taking about 6 seconds to complete the exhale, then inhale deeply.

4)      Focus your mind on a point about two and a half inches below your navel. This is your body’s center of gravity.

5)      With each new breath, imagine this point getting brighter and brighter until it has the power of the sun.

6)      Now, imagine power emanating from this sun. See it travel through your entire body… up into your outstretched arm … and all the way out to your fingertips.

7)      Then see this energy radiate out your finger tips to the limits of the universe.

8)      Now have one or more people try to bend your arm (naturally – not against the joint) by applying pressure slowly at first… then gradually applying more and more force.

9)      Do NOT use your muscle power to resist them. Only use your imagination – the power of your mind – nothing else.

You will find, to your amazement and theirs, that they are completely unable to bend your arm even if they are physically very strong. This is not a trick – it is 100% proof of the super power of the truly focused and connected mind. You have the mind power to create anything in your life you can possibly imagine! Super human mind power CAN be learned and developed!