Do You Believe in Coincidence?

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What is Coincidence?

Nothing really happens “by chance.” We actually CREATE what we call “coincidence.”

When does coincidence happen in our lives? Stop and think about it. When you are focused on something and it has a priority in your life, little concidences  just seem to occur. This is often said to be the Law of Attraction in action.

This works no matter what you’re focused on. If you’re focused on worry and fear, or anger and frustration — you will see *coincidence events* reflecting what you are worried about. Worry is actually negative goal setting.

The classic example is someone who is looking for success, but just can’t achieve their goals. They might be focused on their goal, and that seems like a good thing. But their unconscious mind might be filled to overflowing with negative thoughts and beliefs.

So what happens? They create negative *coincidence events* that sabotage their efforts. Self-defeating situations are inevitable when your mind is focused focus on fear, worry, or the concept of being somehow limited.

Negative Coincidence?

Negative outcomes don’t just happen in our lives. They occur when we refuse to pay attention to warning signs of a probable negative outcome. The same is true for the Law of Attraction.

Let’s run a little test of how you got to where you are today because of coincidences that occurred in your life.

Start with one aspect of your life. This could be love or romance, your career or business, financial success –- anything that has truly special significance to you.

You know where you are today in that area, but let’s step back say three years. What was the situation then? Take a few introspective minutes to recall the major decisions you made in that area of your life as you think forward to today.

Here’s where you’ll begin see how one decision led to another. Pick one major decision. If you had made a different choice, how would things be different today?

So why do you think you made that decision? You were focused on something positive or negative, that focus created your response to an opportunity or challenge — and here you are today as a result of that past focus and action.

If you choose NOT to direct your subconscious mind to create the life you want, everything will remain as it is today — or will go downhill because of building anger and frustration.

Creating Positive Life Outcomes
Here’s how to instead choose to get positive results in your life:

–Begin by deciding what it is that you really want — make it a positive outcome, and not fear based!

–Begin to FOCUS on what you want.

–Continuously reassure yourself that everything in your life IS moving in the desired direction.

–Trust and be patient. Do NOT interpret challenges as evidence of a negative outcome. View them as learning experiences and opportunities to fine tune your actions.

The very moment you adopt the above technique, you have moved from creating what you don’t want… to creating what you DO want.

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How Can I Make Visualization Work?

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hot to visualizeA problem  many people face when starting to learn how to visualize is that they keep changing their goal before it is achieved.

This is bad because success attracts success, while  failure attracts failure. When you have a successful experience, it is easier for your mind to  bring more of such experience to you. But if you keep having unsuccessful experiences when you visualize, you will naturally begin to believe you cannot make visualization work for you.

Constantly changing what you visualize, or changing your goals, causes your confidence in visualization and yourself to sink because you are NOT achieving. And  the more you fail to achieve your goals, the worse you will feel about your potential for success. Eventually visualization will be seen as an unrewarding waste of time — instead of the powerful success-creating method it can be.

Why Does the Law of Attraction Backfire?

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How to Get What You WantThe Law of Attraction often seems to backfire, and bring what you do NOT want into your life. Here’s why, and an unusual solution.

You hear a lot  today about using the Law of Attraction to get what you want in your life or business. But little is being said about the negative side of using the Law of Attraction to attract what you want in your life or business.

BUT, this negative side of manifesting is often far more powerful than the positive side that tries to help you get wnat you want.

Here are some questions I’ve  have received from folks:  

  • Eevery day I visualize, but NOTHING is happening.
  • The more I want something… the more I do NOT get it.
  • Why do I seem to always attract what I do NOT want.
  • It seems to work at first, then everything just falls apart.

Do some of the above questions echo what’s  happening to YOU? If so, you’re a experiencing the  negative side  of the Law of Attraction in YOUR life. Instead of managing to attract what you want — you attract more of what you do NOT want.

How the Negative Side Works
Anything you focus on sets your brain up to create more of the same. And the more emotion (both new and old) attached to what you focus on, the more likely you will actually manifest that something in your life — whether or not you actually want it.

This is proven scientific reality, not theory. The negative side of the Law of Attraction actually operates as a powerful negative goal setting machine. It creates subconscious goals to attract the very thing you do NOT want.


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