A Natural Swine Flu Remedy

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Loren Thomas, MDWhat if you could self-administer a cure proven to prevent or remedy any disease – from the swine flu to cancer? Would it be worth 1½ cents a day?

The medical establishment blames viruses, microbes, germs and bacteria for causing everything from the flu to cancer. But research proves that although these are precursors to disease, they do NOT cause the disease. What they do is create a condition in your body that then results in disease.

More than 15,000 European doctors have healed millions of patients using a simple inexpensive cure, and over 6,100 articles have been published in European scientific literature hailing the success of this simple, inexpensive therapy.

Yet this information has been aggressively suppressed in the United States — and American doctors who have dared to use it to cure a wide variety of “incurable” and life-threatening diseases have come under heavy attack.

Why? Because this simple cure threatens the trillion-dollar earnings of the pharmaceutical and health care industries — not to mention the medical establishments that make huge profits providing expensive drugs, complex medical procedures and long hospital stays.

Come learn about this remarkable, scientifically-proven, totally natural therapy that can RAPIDLY enable your body to oversome practically any disease. Learn everything you need to know for less than the price (and the possible threat) of a flu shot!   Click Here!


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