Program Your Mind for Success

March 23, 2009 by  
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What do Tony Robbins and Tiger Woods have in common? This may surprise you. They use subliminal messaging to program their own minds for greater success.

There’s new scientific proof that subliminal messaging, which was once banned by the  US government, truly does impact our brains.

Long considered the realm of science fiction, subliminal learning occurs when you’re repeatedly exposed by a stimulus you’re unaware of — such as a spoken message below the threshold of hearing, or images flashed on a screen faster than your eye can consciously identify.

Recently Professor Takeo Watanabe at the Center for Brain and Memory at Boston identified the mechanism that primes the subconscious mind to enable us to learn a task without consciously focusing on it. In short, Watanabe pinpointed the exact brain mechanism that makes subliminal learning like that used by Tiger Woods and Tony Robbins so very powerful.

Our brain’s visual cortex was long considered unchangeable past 6 months of age. But Watanabe proved it can in fact be changed using visual subliminal messaging, and that the changes can be both powerful and lasting.

It’s possible other parts of the brain could work this way too, Watanabe says. He concludes it is entirely possible the brain can be changed without a lot of effort using subliminal messaging.

How Can You Use Subliminal Messaging?
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Subliminal messages are powerful. So powerful, in fact, that the U.S. Government banned subliminal messages on radio and television in 1974, saying they gave individuals and companies too much of an edge.

But subliminal messaging hasn’t died. Today large retail stores are using subliminals to reduce theft, and manufacturers use it in TV ads to increase their sales. Even celebrities like Tiger Woods and Anthony Robbins rave about it being the key to their success.

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