Every Thought is an Affirmation

April 13, 2009 by  
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blueheadHere is an interesting view of what is commonly called affirmations. I’m certain you’ve heard that term.

Many self-help authors recommend that we use daily affirmations to help keep our self on track to achieve our goals.

But have you ever noticed that affirmations do really seem to work? You usually don’t get any closer to your goal with this approach and it may even be a total waste of time.

Why is this?

Here’s the secret: It does not work because literally EVERY thought you have is actually an affirmation.

You can spend three minutes telling yourself I am focused. But here’s the problem  the rest of the time your powerful subconscious mind knows darn good and well you ARE not focused, and will revert to an unfocused mind the minute your end your affirmation.

The basic idea of conditioning yourself to think in new ways is excellent, but verbal affirmations alone do not work and neither does so-called positive thinking.

Actually, positive thinking by itself is a bust.

You CANNOT think yourself anything you need to reinforce this with attacking those ANTs Automatic Negative Messages that run around in the back of your mind AND you need to take POSITIVE ACTION.

If you really DO want to make some changes in your life, you need to literally re-program your brain. One great way to get started is to make some changes in your environment that will support creating your desired new habits.

Yes, I did say habits. Everything we do is based on habits. In fact, our brain loves habits. How else could it do what it does to keep your miraculous body purring along at the same time letting you do things like imagine, plan, think, make love, etc.

So get started by removing links to any undesired aspects of your current your identity the triggers that cause you to think in your old ways. Start today with a small change, like cleaning up and rearranging your workspace.

A few little changes won’t be enough to get you where you want to be. But if you keep building these little changes, you will actually shift more and more of your environment to your new role.

Look around your home and ask yourself objectively, What kind of person lives here? If I didn’t know who lived here, what would I conclude about the inhabitant? Do the same for your office: What kind of person would work here? Then make a list of the six people with whom you spend the most time, and ask, What kind of person would associate with these people?

Are your answers to these objective questions in keeping with the kind of person you want to be? If not, then what kind of environment would that person have? What kind of friends? And how can you shift your environment toward the desired new one?

Maybe you can’t immediately get a whole new house or a new job, but what CAN you change right now TODAY that will move you in the desired direction?