A 2-Day Change Your Life Strategy

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changeYou hear stories about people who are on the edge of a cliff, but suddenly turn their lives around.

How do they do they suddenly change their life?

We all know we can’t expect success by doing the same things that have led us to the cliff’s edge. This is basic. So we can assume at least one thing – something changed for these people.

If YOU are ready for a positive and empowering change in your life, here’s a simple plan of action that will get you there with the least amount of struggle or pain…

First, select ONE lifew change goal you sincerely want to accomplish over the next 30 days.

Make it a SINGLE goal, not a collection. Write your goal right now on paper and include exactly what you want. Follow the below format in writing your goal:

If your goal is financial, it might go like this: “By the first day of December 2009 (specify the exact date), I will have in my possession an additional $5,000, (The exact amount) which will come to me between now and then in various amounts. In return for this, I will do whatever is necessary and appropriate in my business (describe your business, or the business you intend to create).”

Second, now spend at least 30 minutes creating a mental picture of having achieved your goal by December 1st. Remember… you are creating a picture you want your brain to clearly recognize and remember. So… close your eyes and make it as emotionally vivid and intense as possible. Use all of your senses (smell, sight, touch, hearing and taste) to create a mental picture.

Third, read aloud your goal and re-create your mental picture twice a day every day between now and December 1st. Commit to do this! Especially good times are the first thing when you wake in the morning, and a few minutes before bedtime.  Give your mind a target, and it will do its best to hit it.

Next comes the part of success most people skip – translating your goal into IMMEDIATE action.

Most people’s goals are actually nothing more than a wish or desire. Because of this, their goals are seldom achieved. If you REALLY want to achieve a goal you must take ACTION.

First… a 2-Day Challenge. Fold the piece of paper you wrote your goal on to divide it into two sides. On the left side list 5 things you can do to move toward your goal. On the right side write the exact time over the next two days you will take action on this item. Briefly describe exactly what that action will be.

Next, go to work on your first task. Get it done! Do not let procrastination take over.

Then, at the end of your 2-day challenge, spend an hour or two to plan your next 2-day challenge. The satisfaction you will feel from completing the first 2-day challenge will carry you into the second, and do on until you reach your goal.

Getting what you want is basically one successful 2-day challenge after another. So…why doesn’t everybody do this? For every 100 people who read this article, only 1 or 2 will actually do it.

Why? Although almost everyone wants to succeed, only a few are truly willing to COMMIT to their goals.

  • Are YOU ready to commit to YOUR goal?
  • Are YOU ready to make some CHANGES to do so?
  • Are YOU ready to truly TAKE ACTION?

If YOU are one of the few who is ready to go for it, here is one more tip:

Conduct a review of your current thoughts! You need to take charge of the internal messages your subconscious mind is broadcasting.

Failure to pay attention leaves your subconscious mind in control. Then your subconscious mind will simply continue to reinforce the same thoughts that created the reality you want to change

This takes no special abilities, intelligence or talent. No matter what your past or present situation, or how many times you might have failed to reach your goals, you CAN change things by simply paying attention to the thoughts streaming through your mind.

Give this strategy a try, and watch your reality shift! Change your thinking, and you change your life. Want to speed up the process by applying neuroscience insights? Break loose of your old limitations==>>Make a Change NOW!

posted by Jill Ammon-Wexler
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How We Create Coincidence

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smilewomanDo you believe in coincidence?

Actually nothing happens by chance. We actually CREATE what we call a coincidence.

When do coincidences happen in our lives? Stop and think about it. When you are focused on something and it has a priority in your life, little coincidences seem to occur.

This works no matter what you’re focused on. If you’re focused on worry and fear, or anger and frustration you will have coincidental events reflecting what you are worried about.

Worry is actually negative goal setting.

The classic example is someone who is looking for success, but just can’t achieve their goals. They might be focused on their goal, and that seems like a good thing. But their unconscious mind might be filled to overflowing with negative thoughts and beliefs.

So what happens? They create negative coincidences that sabotage their efforts. Self-defeating situations are inevitable when your mind is focused focus on fear, worry, or the concept of being somehow limited.

What is Coincidence?
Negative outcomes don’t just happen in our lives. They occur when we refuse to pay attention to warning signs of a probable negative outcome.

Let’s run a little test of how you got to where you are today because of coincidences that occurred in your life.

Start with one aspect of your life. This could be love or romance, your career or business, financial success anything that has truly special significance to you.

You know where you are today in that area, but let’s step back say three years. What was the situation then? Take a few introspective minutes to recall the major decisions you made in that area of your life as you think forward to today.

Here’s where you’ll begin see how one decision led to another. Pick one major decision. If you had made a different choice, how would things be different today?

So why do you think you made that decision? You were focused on something positive or negative, that focus created your response to an opportunity or challenge and here you are today as a result of that past focus and action.

Creating Positive Life Outcomes
Here’s how to get some positive results in your life:

Begin by deciding what it is that you really want make it a positive outcome, and not fear based.

Then begin to focus on what you want.

Now continuously reassure yourself that everything in your life is moving in the desired direction.

Trust and be patient. Do NOT buy into any challenges as evidence of a negative outcome. View them as learning experiences and opportunities to fine tune your actions.

The very moment you adopt the above technique, you have moved from creating what you don’t want to creating what you DO want.

On the other hand, if you choose NOT to direct your subconscious mind to create the life you want, everything will remain as it is today or will go downhill because of building anger and frustration. This IS your life. Why not make the most of it, and be happy?

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Every Thought is an Affirmation

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blueheadHere is an interesting view of what is commonly called affirmations. I’m certain you’ve heard that term.

Many self-help authors recommend that we use daily affirmations to help keep our self on track to achieve our goals.

But have you ever noticed that affirmations do really seem to work? You usually don’t get any closer to your goal with this approach and it may even be a total waste of time.

Why is this?

Here’s the secret: It does not work because literally EVERY thought you have is actually an affirmation.

You can spend three minutes telling yourself I am focused. But here’s the problem  the rest of the time your powerful subconscious mind knows darn good and well you ARE not focused, and will revert to an unfocused mind the minute your end your affirmation.

The basic idea of conditioning yourself to think in new ways is excellent, but verbal affirmations alone do not work and neither does so-called positive thinking.

Actually, positive thinking by itself is a bust.

You CANNOT think yourself anything you need to reinforce this with attacking those ANTs Automatic Negative Messages that run around in the back of your mind AND you need to take POSITIVE ACTION.

If you really DO want to make some changes in your life, you need to literally re-program your brain. One great way to get started is to make some changes in your environment that will support creating your desired new habits.

Yes, I did say habits. Everything we do is based on habits. In fact, our brain loves habits. How else could it do what it does to keep your miraculous body purring along at the same time letting you do things like imagine, plan, think, make love, etc.

So get started by removing links to any undesired aspects of your current your identity the triggers that cause you to think in your old ways. Start today with a small change, like cleaning up and rearranging your workspace.

A few little changes won’t be enough to get you where you want to be. But if you keep building these little changes, you will actually shift more and more of your environment to your new role.

Look around your home and ask yourself objectively, What kind of person lives here? If I didn’t know who lived here, what would I conclude about the inhabitant? Do the same for your office: What kind of person would work here? Then make a list of the six people with whom you spend the most time, and ask, What kind of person would associate with these people?

Are your answers to these objective questions in keeping with the kind of person you want to be? If not, then what kind of environment would that person have? What kind of friends? And how can you shift your environment toward the desired new one?

Maybe you can’t immediately get a whole new house or a new job, but what CAN you change right now TODAY that will move you in the desired direction?