The Power of Thoughts

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energy_thumbModern neuroscience has established that our thoughts tend to influence our reality. But just how powerful are your thoughts, and what are they capable of doing?

Do thoughts heal?
The power of placebos is a well documented medical finding. The placebo effect occurs when a treatment or medication with no real therapeutic value like a sugar pill is given to a patient, and their symptoms still improve.

What is believed to occur with placebos is this: The patient thinks they have been given something to heal their condition, and because they expect to improve, they actually DO improve.

Bruce Lipton, PhD geneticist and researcher, claims that over 30% of all medical healings and surgeries are the result of the mind-controlled placebo effect. He is also convinced that our thoughts actually control how our genes express themselves.

The case of people with multiple personalities is another interesting example. The physical appearance and even the actual health of people with multiple personalities can actually change depending on which of their multiple personalities is present at any given time. Studies have shown, for example, that one personality may have blue eyes, while the other has brown eyes.

There has even been a case where one personality had clinically serious cancer, while the other personality did not. In short, the thoughts of the personality that is manifesting have an immediate and very real impact on their physical body.

Can thoughts change physical outcomes?
Decades ago psychologists determined that some people can influence the outcome of a coin toss or a roll of dice simply by focusing their thoughts on a preferred outcome.

Similar experiments are currently being conducted by the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research program using computerized random event generators. The subjects focus on using their thoughts to influence the subsequent random number sets. The success of some people is so exact that their results are mathematically equivalent to winning the lottery 9 to 10 times in a row.

Do our thoughts affect other living things?
Years ago biologist Clove Backster began to measure the responses of plants to stress. He discovered that plants DO have increased stress levels during times of danger. If an experimenter threatened to burn a plant with a match, for example, the plant registered a spike on the stress machine.

But what intrigued Backster even more was that plants registered a stress spike even if the experimenter only thought about burning the plant.

Other scientists have conducted studies that clearly indicate the power of thoughts both positive and negative on animals, bacteria, and even living cells.

Do our thoughts affect other people?
Pairs of people have been placed into separate isolated rooms to determine if a stimulation to one will be felt by the other. One person was stimulated with images, sounds, or mild electric shock while measuring the effect on the non-stimulated person.

It was found that both individuals experience similar physical reactions and brainwave patterns during the stimulation even though only one of them was stimulated. Such synchronization of brainwave patterns and physical reactions is not normally found in people who have never met.

There is also growing evidence that remote healing and prayer have an impact on other human beings. In one study, remote healers from various backgrounds sent healing thoughts to AIDS patients. The remarkable results included improved T-cell counts, fewer illnesses and increased longevity.

Can thoughts transcend time and space?
Remote Viewing (RV) is the ability to access and provide accurate information about an item or event that is remote from the viewer. An example might be a person who is sitting in an office in California accurately describing in detail a building in Australia that they have never visited or seen in any way.

Both US and Russian experimenters and many university programs have long investigated remote viewing. Although remote viewing is not 100% accurate and reproducible, there is strong scientific evidence to support it. Russell Targ, the co-founder of Stanford Research institute, reports accuracy of up to 10,000 miles away, and with abilities to describe the past, present and future events for target locations.

Do thoughts truly create our reality?
Add up the above, and it becomes evident that we truly create our own reality, from our physical health… to our ability to influence other people and even our environment.

But there is something else at work here.

That something else is the power of the subconscious mind, which operates much like a movie camera from birth on. True, your thoughts DO create the many aspects of your reality even how your genes do or do not turn on; but it is ultimately the lifetime of memories and impressions stored in your subconscious mind that set the stage for your thoughts.

This underscores the importance of becoming aware of our automatic beliefs and assumptions which rise up from the subconscious mind, and replacing them with more positive and current thoughts.

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Feel Like You Are in a Sinking Ship?

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handshakeJames, a close family friend, recently found himself facing an overwhelming problem. He had purchased a home near San Diego a few years ago for what seemed like a real bargain at 1.3 million. The bank agreed, and financed the property at 90 percent.

The problem? The California real estate crash market began to crash. Homes in his neighborhood began to sell for less and less. Then his next-door neighbour went bankrupt and his home was auctioned by the bank for less than half of what he had paid.

James did NOT want to lose it all in bankruptcy. He knew from a newspaper article that the banks were losing as much as the homeowners, since their borrowing credit was being severely damaged every time a mortgage failed. But he had no idea how to use that information to his advantage.

At my suggestion, James agreed to try to negotiate a mortgage reduction and new rate with the bank. Sound impossible? Hang in with me. What you are about to learn is a very controversial, and it might unsettle you a bit, but you need to know it.

Some of the greatest leaders in history have actually hypnotized people with their words. Leaders like Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy used this technique regularly, as do many successful politicians and advertising adepts today.

You might recognize when you are being influenced in this way because you feel the other person really knows and understands your needs, and is very eager to fulfill them.

These proficient communicators are naturally using a method also used years ago by a rebel psychiatrist named Milton Erickson 1901-1980, today widely acknowledged as the worlds greatest ever hypnotherapist. Dr. Erickson could simply talk to you, and you would feel compelled to immediately and easily release old behaviours and beliefs, and replace them with more positive solutions.

The most amazing thing about Ericksons conversational hypnosis method is that people went away feeling everything was entirely their idea, and nothing had been forced on them.

As I had trained professionally in Erickson techniques, I was able to coach James into a method I felt confident would work with his banker. And I am very happy to report that James was successful.

At the end of their meeting the banker walked James all the way out onto the sidewalk, shook his hand, and profusely thanked him for stopping by to discuss HIS the bankers problem, and for agreeing to HIS the bankers solution that James had suggested using Ericksonian conversational hypnosis.

It may sound impossible, but the banker agreed to adjust the mortgage downward, and even offered him a new line of credit based on his unusual financial management ability.

What would it be worth to YOU to know these techniques? What if YOU could simply have a conversation with someone like James did, and have them do exactly what you want them to do, all the while thinking it is THEIR idea.

Unfortunately I am currently not available to personally coach you, but I CAN suggest a great solution. A great professional hypno-therapist I know has developed an amazing new course that will let you master this amazing communication skill easily and completely. And he is no beginner he is a Master Ericksonian Hypnotist and a world renowned hypnotherapist trainer.

If you want to unleash the ability to influence anyone to follow your lead, this will get you there. You will discover:

  • How to immediately know what someone wants, and then feel YOUR offered solution is actually THEIR OWN idea.
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  • Even convince children and teens to gladly follow your commands.

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How We Create Coincidence

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smilewomanDo you believe in coincidence?

Actually nothing happens by chance. We actually CREATE what we call a coincidence.

When do coincidences happen in our lives? Stop and think about it. When you are focused on something and it has a priority in your life, little coincidences seem to occur.

This works no matter what you’re focused on. If you’re focused on worry and fear, or anger and frustration you will have coincidental events reflecting what you are worried about.

Worry is actually negative goal setting.

The classic example is someone who is looking for success, but just can’t achieve their goals. They might be focused on their goal, and that seems like a good thing. But their unconscious mind might be filled to overflowing with negative thoughts and beliefs.

So what happens? They create negative coincidences that sabotage their efforts. Self-defeating situations are inevitable when your mind is focused focus on fear, worry, or the concept of being somehow limited.

What is Coincidence?
Negative outcomes don’t just happen in our lives. They occur when we refuse to pay attention to warning signs of a probable negative outcome.

Let’s run a little test of how you got to where you are today because of coincidences that occurred in your life.

Start with one aspect of your life. This could be love or romance, your career or business, financial success anything that has truly special significance to you.

You know where you are today in that area, but let’s step back say three years. What was the situation then? Take a few introspective minutes to recall the major decisions you made in that area of your life as you think forward to today.

Here’s where you’ll begin see how one decision led to another. Pick one major decision. If you had made a different choice, how would things be different today?

So why do you think you made that decision? You were focused on something positive or negative, that focus created your response to an opportunity or challenge and here you are today as a result of that past focus and action.

Creating Positive Life Outcomes
Here’s how to get some positive results in your life:

Begin by deciding what it is that you really want make it a positive outcome, and not fear based.

Then begin to focus on what you want.

Now continuously reassure yourself that everything in your life is moving in the desired direction.

Trust and be patient. Do NOT buy into any challenges as evidence of a negative outcome. View them as learning experiences and opportunities to fine tune your actions.

The very moment you adopt the above technique, you have moved from creating what you don’t want to creating what you DO want.

On the other hand, if you choose NOT to direct your subconscious mind to create the life you want, everything will remain as it is today or will go downhill because of building anger and frustration. This IS your life. Why not make the most of it, and be happy?

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