Achieving Financial Success

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lesliehOne Family’s Real Answer to Achieving Financial Success. My husband and I just returned from Tahoe where we spent a few days brainstorming with a community of 40 like-minded people. Our topic? How to realistically build wealth in these uncertain times.

Since I decided to slow down and shift my focus as we prepare for our 7th baby’s arrival… now, more now than ever, I’m realizing that prosperity is NOT one-faceted.

There’s a need for rest and relaxation. There’s a need for rich, rewarding relationships. There’s a need for giving back, or service. There’s a need for good health. None of these have to go on our journey to prosperity.

In actuality, financial prosperity comes more readily when you’re at peace in the other areas of your life. You’ve heard, attitude is everything.. and that is truer than most people realize. For example, if I am stressing out, the things I need are literally repelled.

But if I calm down and put myself in a peaceful state, even though I have every reason to be freaking out, then the solution flows into my life almost effortlessly.

So it seems the most important initial effort is to calm myself down. Then I can get to work searching for a solution, KNOWING that because I’m calm, I will come up with a better solution.

It has been an amazing experience to choose to slow down and focus better on the family… because ever since then opportunities have come our way that have left us nearly speechless. What once took us a year to earn now comes to us in just one transaction… time and time again.

Not only do we expect to reach the goals we set… but we will far exceed them in new ventures we never realized existed.

I promise you as you learn to think according to the laws and principles of prosperity, the blinders literally fall from your eyes. You’ll be amazed at how you couldn’t see them before. Come discover the mind opening=> true principles of prosperity.

Feel Like You Are in a Sinking Ship?

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handshakeJames, a close family friend, recently found himself facing an overwhelming problem. He had purchased a home near San Diego a few years ago for what seemed like a real bargain at 1.3 million. The bank agreed, and financed the property at 90 percent.

The problem? The California real estate crash market began to crash. Homes in his neighborhood began to sell for less and less. Then his next-door neighbour went bankrupt and his home was auctioned by the bank for less than half of what he had paid.

James did NOT want to lose it all in bankruptcy. He knew from a newspaper article that the banks were losing as much as the homeowners, since their borrowing credit was being severely damaged every time a mortgage failed. But he had no idea how to use that information to his advantage.

At my suggestion, James agreed to try to negotiate a mortgage reduction and new rate with the bank. Sound impossible? Hang in with me. What you are about to learn is a very controversial, and it might unsettle you a bit, but you need to know it.

Some of the greatest leaders in history have actually hypnotized people with their words. Leaders like Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy used this technique regularly, as do many successful politicians and advertising adepts today.

You might recognize when you are being influenced in this way because you feel the other person really knows and understands your needs, and is very eager to fulfill them.

These proficient communicators are naturally using a method also used years ago by a rebel psychiatrist named Milton Erickson 1901-1980, today widely acknowledged as the worlds greatest ever hypnotherapist. Dr. Erickson could simply talk to you, and you would feel compelled to immediately and easily release old behaviours and beliefs, and replace them with more positive solutions.

The most amazing thing about Ericksons conversational hypnosis method is that people went away feeling everything was entirely their idea, and nothing had been forced on them.

As I had trained professionally in Erickson techniques, I was able to coach James into a method I felt confident would work with his banker. And I am very happy to report that James was successful.

At the end of their meeting the banker walked James all the way out onto the sidewalk, shook his hand, and profusely thanked him for stopping by to discuss HIS the bankers problem, and for agreeing to HIS the bankers solution that James had suggested using Ericksonian conversational hypnosis.

It may sound impossible, but the banker agreed to adjust the mortgage downward, and even offered him a new line of credit based on his unusual financial management ability.

What would it be worth to YOU to know these techniques? What if YOU could simply have a conversation with someone like James did, and have them do exactly what you want them to do, all the while thinking it is THEIR idea.

Unfortunately I am currently not available to personally coach you, but I CAN suggest a great solution. A great professional hypno-therapist I know has developed an amazing new course that will let you master this amazing communication skill easily and completely. And he is no beginner he is a Master Ericksonian Hypnotist and a world renowned hypnotherapist trainer.

If you want to unleash the ability to influence anyone to follow your lead, this will get you there. You will discover:

  • How to immediately know what someone wants, and then feel YOUR offered solution is actually THEIR OWN idea.
  • The conversational way to get anyone to accept your desired action as their own idea.
  • The powerful *hypnotic triple* command SWAT teams now use to force compliance, even in a fire-fight with hardened criminals.
  • How to get clients and customers to happily buy more.
  • How to negotiate like a pro, and get colleagues to do what you suggest and think it’s their own idea.
  • Even convince children and teens to gladly follow your commands.

Believe me when I say there is nothing like this course anywhere. These skills will dramatically improve your personal, professional or business, and even your family life. It is truly an investment in your entire future=> Get it now.

Tap Into Your Authentic Power

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If you are like 99 percent of the people in the world today you are likely feeling a bit anxious about the worldwide economic crisis.Yes, there is a problem at hand. And yes, many people are already suffering from some very harsh realities, and see more coming like a freight train racing down the tracks straight at them. This cannot be denied.

What Can We Do?
Well obviously as individuals, we cannot reach out and change the world economic situation. But what we CAN do is reach within ourselves and tap into our own inner power our own personal strength, wisdom and resilience.

There is at least one inherent benefit of challenging times we are forced to discover what we are made of what we value what we need, and what we can do without. In short, we are forced to discover who we really are.

Something to Consider
No matter what your age, there’s something you might want to think about: Your ancestors maybe your parents, and most certainly your grandparents and their parents were outrageously tough survivors.

They came through wars that tore the world apart and devastated families, yet they survived. And they came through the Great Depression my Mother remembered having only one dress, yet they survived.

YOU are already tough at your very core – you carry the genes of these survivors. Plus you yourself have already survived one blow after another in your life disappointments, broken heart, rejection on one level or another, perhaps lack of appreciation. As a result, you too have that mental toughness and ability to heal and go forward inside you.

An Immediate Solution
So how can we best handle what’s going on around us? We need to tap into our own individual authentic power. Authentic power arises strictly from within YOU. It is an expression of YOUR personal will. And it ultimately depends on your ability to trust your own instincts and hunches.

This is no time to feel powerless or anxious. You have authentic power wired into your brain’s motivational system. This internal power gives you the ability to face adversity straight on…to blast past fear and take action, and then to adjust that action whenever necessary.

Your authentic power is your source of feeling in command of your own self. And when you come down to it who else is really in command of you?

Authentic power wells up from within, and it seldom appears full-blown early in life. Rather, it is an outcome of our ability to integrate our experiences in such a way that adversity in particular is incorporated into our process of personal growth and expansion.

Authentic power is built through vigorous participation in life through openness to new experiences through strong ties to other people and most of all, through your ability to construct a sense of security and meaning in your life in the face of challenge and adversity.

A Plan of Action
How to create a sense of authentic power? Start right here, in the present moment. Right here and now IS your true power point. Don’t focus on the past – you can’t do anything about it. And the present just is NOT here yet.

Focus on the moment and give thanks for what is OK right now you are obviously warm, dry, fed, and sitting in a save place by your computer. Now stretch forward to create the next moment from that place of safety and strength.

Life really IS lived one minute at a time, and problems are solved one decision and action at a time and THAT is where your authentic power lies. The truth is you really ARE in control.

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