Rise Above Your Challenges

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manoverlookingatoceanNeale Donald Walsh says, Every decision you make – every decision  is not a decision about what to do. It’s a decision about Who You Are. When you understand this, everything changes. You begin to see life in a new way. All events, occurrences, and situations turn into opportunities to do what you came here to do.

We have all had the experience at one time or another of feeling stuck in our life. Of feeling unclear of what decision we should make. This can be painful, frustrating, and very unsettling.

The problem you face in such a situation is this: How can you move forward when you feel unclear about the next step you need to take? Admittedly, such a lack of clarity can cause some pretty extreme stress.

Plus stress adds fuel to the fire, because it is the exact opposite of the physical condition you need to experience a sense of happiness and contentment. You simply cannot move forward in your life unless you first bust through your stress.

So you find yourself sitting on a seasaw stressed, feeling stuck, and generally unhappy  but knowing you need to DO something.

What is the answer? Being happy requires that you get clear, since clarity of purpose controls your supply of life energy. Knowing what you want generates the energy to pursue it. While not knowing drains your energy and makes you feel stressed and unhappy. You already know this on a deep intuitive level.

So what can you do if you are stressed and lack clarity? 

What are your options?

If you are afraid of making the wrong choice, you can wait and hope for clarity. Or you can try to think your options through in your own mind.

One way to overcome painful indecision is to simply make a choice from among your possible solutions. Whether or not you feel certain your choice is the right choice – just take a small step in what seems to be the best direction, in spite of your doubt or confusion. Just making a decision will help lift the stress and move you closer to a feeling of happoiness.

There is great power in action. Movement in any direction will break your mind free from the cement of indecision – and provide new information and experiences. Action sends ripples of energy and change out into the world. And since life is so totally unpredictable, who knows how your situation will change once you get some action energy into motion.

Take the current impending financial crisis in the US that seems to be rapidly spreading throughout the world. No one seems to have a clear answer, and that is understandable. There are just too many variables in operation, and very little clarity.

The challenge many of us face is this: Can we handle taking action without knowing whether it is the right or best action?

Here is what I have learned in my own roller coaster version of life: Listen to your intuition, and balance it as best you can with truthful rational analysis of the situation you face. Then take action.

There is great power in action.

Go for it. Even if you make the wrong choice, at least you will generate some action energy and break free of the painful, mind-numbing cement of indecision!

How Can I Become Prosperous?

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money1Is there something in your life that you’ve been wanting to change, but haven’t been able to? If you are asking the question How can I change my life, then you have made the all important first step, which is to search for an answer.

There are only two real changes we all want to make. We either want to change the way we feel about something or someone, or we want to change our behavior. Often we avoid making a change because we fear the change will be more painful than remaining who or where we are.

So we put it off waiting for some external condition to initiate the change for us. This is how people end up with the same problems they had ten or twenty years ago.

Many people are keen on changing the conditions and circumstances of their lives, but NOT so eager to change their own self. The truth is, all change starts within ourselves.

Change does not come down to your whether you can do it ability, but whether you WILL do it. If your motive is strong enough you will do any and everything necessary to change. Therefore it is critically important to not only know exactly WHAT you want to change, but to also know WHY you MUST change.

Our culture teaches us that making significant changes takes a long time and is difficult to do. This is simply NOT true. Change happens in an instant. It is not a process it is something you do in an instant by simply making a decision.

So, what can you do to change your financial situation?

  1. Step one is to admit your situation.
  2. Step two is to stop worrying and get motivated to make a change. How? Realize that every change you have ever made in your life really happened in a moment. What took time was to finally get yourself to the point where you came to a decision to DO something.
  3. Step three is to immediately begin to take action consistent with your decision, and continue taking action until you produce the results you are after.

Just make a real decision and your actions will flow from it. Just thinking about something you want to change will remain a dream unless you commit to your decision and a course of action. It is in your moments of decision that your entire destiny is shaped.

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Why You Should Just Do It Now

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dollarsmDo you need to make an important decision in the face of uncertainties? Here’s a winning strategy: Many of the financial gurus on TV and the web say we’re entering a period of great uncertainty. And many recommend we take action, and adopt new lifestyles based on living on less. This can be a tough decision.W. Clement Stone, who built an insurance empire worth hundreds of millions dollars during and just after the Great Depression, had his sales staff recite the phrase, Do it now again and again at the start of each workday.

Why did this remarkable millionaire do this? Because he realized that in both good and tough times, there can be an enormous cost of putting things off while you think, plan, and analyze a situation.

Stone was pro action. He continuously reminded his staff that they were only rewarded for results-for blasting through their negative assumptions and just taking action.

Once you have enough data to make a decision, Stone would tell you to just do it-immediately. And then to take action.

Too often many people delay making decisions because they’re uncertain it is the RIGHT decision. But in times like today, not deciding on an action plan could have some very negative consequences.

The secret, when faced with ambiguity and unknowns, is to break free of the cement of fear and at least take a step in the most promising direction. If you have no data to rely on in making your decision, look to your own personal experience and intuition.

Then just keep your eyes and ears open, pay attention, and honestly analyze what’s happening. Is your decision promising? If it turns out to be the wrong one, take the most promising corrective action. Stay flexible, aware, and in action.

The remarkable self-made millionaires I’ve worked with over the past 36 years would tell you this: When in doubt, act boldly, as if it is impossible to fail.

How can they say this? Because experience has taught them that moving toward success is NOT a straight line, and failure is NOT an acceptable option. They move toward success by making a series of decisions followed by actions … and then new corrective decisions and new actions … until finally they arrive at their desired state, or something even better.

In essence, these men and women have developed the ability to cut through any confusion and focus their mind on making decisions, taking action, paying attention, and doing what then proves promising.

Can YOU actually learn to make smart, profitable decisions like self-made millionaires? YES. Absolutely. This IS a learned skill! But you cannot learn this by reading books “about” decision making. It all starts in your brain, and how its wired.

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The system is based on my 36 years of experience working with some of the best decision makers around-self-made millionaires from a variety of fields.

If YOU want to make the decisions and take the actions taken by self-made millionaires, I encourage you to ACT.