How Can I Build Millionaire Mind Power?

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failuresignDo you want to become a millionaire – or do you have a dream of at least being more prosperous? A recent Merrill Lynch report revealed 600,000 new millionaires were created in ‘07, for a total of 10.1 million worldwide. That’s 1,648 new millionaires each day, or sixty nine new millionaires every hour.Now … ten million might seem like a large number, but this is actually less than one-fifth of 1 percent of the world’s population. So … how do people actually manage to become a millionaire? Consider the below research-based facts:

1.Fewer than 1% become a millionaire by winning a lottery or lawsuit, or as an elite athlete or entertainer.
2.Interviews have revealed that 80% of the people around the world that become a millionaire have little or no college education. But they have obviously done something special — build millionaire mind power.
3.One interesting report claims that 5,000,000 of those who managed to become a millionaire between 1992 and 2000 just took something they naturally enjoy, and focused four or more hours per week finding a way to get rich for doing it.

Can you imagine? It is being estimated that by the end of this year another 700,000 or more people will become a millionaire — regardless, or maybe because of, our challenging financial times.

That means that TODAY 1,923 people will become a millionaire. And about half of them will do this JUST because they selected a natural passion or interest, and focused four or more hours per week finding a way to get rich for doing it. In short, they have taken action to build millionaire mind power and put it into action.

So … if you’re not one of these new millionaires, let’s consider how you might BECOME one of them. Assuming you are not about to win the lottery or get an inheritance from your Great Aunt Betty, how can you get yourself in gear to actually become a millionaire?

The first thing to face up to is this: If you had the focused mindpower of a millionaire, you would have already become a millionaire. This is not meant to insult you, but just to create a jumping off point for what follows.

The level of mental focus present in those with millionaire mind power permits the millionaire or millionaire to-be to cut through the constant chatter of our human minds and do something very important – make a decision.

This is the starting point. If you truly want to become a millionaire, start by making a decision to COMMIT yourself to actually achieve your dream. Do it today, and you have taken your first step to build millionaire mind power.

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