Proof We Influence Slot Machines

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electronsCan you manipulate a slot machine to pay off, or perhaps simply know intuitively what slot machine to play and when? The evidence is YES. For some people it absolutely IS possible to predict which slot machine will pay off, and when to play to hit a winning jackpot.

The Mysterious RNG
At the heart of every casino slot machine  is a computer chip called a random number generator (RNG.) The job of the RNG is to simply generate number combinations that show up as the symbols on the payline of the slot machine.

But what few people in the gambling industry know is that RNGs have been used for over 40 years in psychology experiments to test the ability of the human mind to influence random events.

Helmut Schmidt, a physicist for the Boeing Company Laboratory, created the first RNG for a mind-over-machine experiment back in 1969. His test subjects focused on trying to influence the movement of a circle of lights controlled by a RNG.

Within a decade many other parapsychology researchers were using RNGs in experiments. At Princeton University, test subjects were asked to try to influence RNGs to produce either larger-than-average or smaller-than-average sequences of numbers. The most effective subjects reported feeling a resonance with the computer that involved a loss of awareness of themselves and their surroundings  — a state similar to the focus achieved in deep Alpha-Theta meditation.

The Researchers Concluded that…
Nearly a half-million experimental trials were conducted at Princeton. The results were summarized in a book  —Margins Of Reality — by Professors Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne. The book reported that some people absolutely DO possess a powerful ability to affect (or perhaps predict) random flows of RNG data.

Additional RNG studies were performed at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in 1986. The SRI researchers concluded that successful test subjects were using intuition (in the form of precognition) to determine the exact moment to press a play button.

Then in 2000 Physics World, an international journal for physicists, published a paper on RNGs that concluded the human mind can sustain the direction of any naturally occurring localized deviations from chance, and could affect the patterns by which the bits are arranged in time.

The Birth of the Slot Machine
During the late 1980’s RNGs were produced commercially by a company in Nevada International Game Technology and immediately became a common feature in Nevada’s slot machines.

No one has done a detailed study of the big slot winners. But the combined RNG research results make a persuasive case that under the right conditions, a person could intuitively identify the most pregnant slot machine to play and feel the right moment to play it for a winning jackpot.

In 1997 one big winner, Sue Henley, went to the New York-New York casino in Las Vegas after feeling a strong intuitive resonance with a particular machine. I gamble when I have a feeling, she explained after hitting a $12 million willing jackpot on the machine. I only play when the hunch or feeling comes up.

Yhe Question of Luck
Virtually everyone has powers of precognition knowing something before it happens and intuition knowing on a deep level that something is so. These human powers are often attributed to luck. But investigations of the brainwave configurations of both lucky and psychic individuals reveal similar unique patterns.

Psychics and healers use their powers to intuit events and initiate a healing response in others. Brain scans of millionaires have revealed al brainwave configuration very similar to psychics and those who hit winning jackpots..

So what is at work here? These people have simply developed a unique brainwave configuration allowing them to focus and tune into the environment on very deep, crystal-clear levels.