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Want to Boost Your Memory?

Need to boost your memory? Few people realize that our brain functions actually begin to slow down after age 30. So if you seem to be having “senior moments” of walking into a room and wondering why you are there — its not a sign your are getting AD.  It just may be time to boost your memory a bit.

A Natural  Way to Boost Your Memory

According to the ancient ayurveda healing traditions, the nose is the doorway to the brain, and therefore to mental functions. That’s why the smell of a gardenia may remind you of your great Aunt Minnie, or why the scent of fresh baked bread might remind you of your Mother. So thed nose also provides a pathway to boost your memory!

Ayurvedic practitioners believe that every home should have a medicinal clarified butter (ghee) that has been infused with a memory boost herb — brahmi (centella asiatica). Brahmi ghee is used to deliver herbs into the blood stream via the nasal passages, and has been applied to the inside of the nose daily by Indian health-seekers for centuries. It can also be taken orally, but to boost your memory try applying to your nose!

Benefits of Brahmi to Boost Your Memory

Brahmi is one of those amazing herbs that benefits just about everyone — inclouding those who want to boost their memory!  Considered a rasayana herb, meaning that it has rejuvenating properties.

Brahmi is an excellent tonic for the brain and nervous system. It’s believed to help nourish the brain, and has been used to treat and provide support for the following conditions and disorders:

• Seasonal Affective Disorder
• Stress
• Lack of clarity
• Lack of focus
•  Memory boost
• Anxiety
• Degenerative brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s
• Moodiness
• Depression
• Migraines

How to Use Brahmi Ghee

To boost your mekmory by stimulating the olfactory bulb (the nerve center in your brain responsible for your sense of smell) —  place 5 drops of warmed brahmi ghee in each nostril at bedtime. Then lie down on your back with your head tilted up to the ceiling, and inhale gently several times to help move the oil into your sinuses.

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Boost your memory naturally with Brahmi Ghee.

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