Will We ALL Be Telepathic By 2030?

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energy_thumbAccording to a World Future Society prediction, we will ALL become telepathic by 2030. How can this be so? The prediction is that wireless technology will soon be incorporated into our thought processing.  If the prediction is right, by then we will then begin to augment our 100 trillion inter-neuronal connections with high-speed virtual connections via nano-robotics.

It is expected that this will allow us to greatly boost our overall thinking capacity — as well as to directly interface with powerful forms of computer intelligence, and with each other telepathically.

Which means we’ll also be able to move beyond the brain’s present performance capacity. Researchers have already demonstrated that with the help of wired implants it’s possible for a person to move a cursor on a computer screen just by thinking about it.

How long before such developments become non-invasive and wireless and the inter-face involves two or more human beings communicating by thought alone?  Instead of telepathy, it’s being called “techlepathy.”

The first generation devices will be unidirectional. That is, the neural patterns of unspoken words would be transmitted to the other person before receiving the other person’s transmission in return. This is much like how walkie-talkies work.

Later, the pre-speech thought patterns themselves would be transmitted. Ultimately, the transference will become seamlessly bi-directional and would include other non-verbal signals such as consciousness and emotions. By then it could also involve one or more persons or, indeed, as many as possible like an internet of connected minds.

Some experts in fact believe techno-enabled telepathy will become the primary form of human communication in the future, and everybody will make use of it for economic and social reasons once it becomes available. But no fear — privacy issues would not be a problem, as personal firewalls could be created to restrict any unwanted intrusion.

Yes, there’ll be hackers going in-mind from time to time, and mind-bloggers going openly public. But the future pundits say techlepathy should be as safe as having a mobile phone inside one’s head (does that sound safe?)

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By Mukul Sharma
Source: Times of India