Your Brain Composes Classical Music

April 28, 2009 by  
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Quantum Mind Power GymOver the past decade the influence of music on our cognitive development, learning, and emotional well-being has emerged as a hot field of scientific study. Now a new question has come up: Does each brain have its own unique music?

The answer seems to be yes – with the tempo and tone varying depending upon one’s mood, frame of mind, and other features of the brain itself.

Recent research shows that if the *brain music* of an emergency responder such as a fireman is recorded and played back to them, it can sharpen their reflexes during a crisis, and calm their nerves afterward.

To further explore music’s potential relevance to emergency response, a USA Science & Technology Directorate initiated a study of a form of neurotraining they are calling *Brain Music.*

The study uses music selected to mimic an emergency responder’s own brainwaves to help them better deal with common problems like insomnia, fatigue, and headaches stemming from stressful environments. The underlying concept of *Brain Music* is to use the frequency, amplitude, and duration of musical sounds to move the brain from an anxious state to enter a more relaxed state.

The job was to first capture the listener’s brainwaves while relaxed and/or productive and alert, and then replicate the rhythm of their brainwaves using music. The researchers report that the music DOES boost productivity and energy levels, and trigger the body’s natural positive responses to stress.

It seems there’s a classical genius-or maybe two genii-in all of us. The resulting two- to six-minute minute musical tracks lean toward the classical. The relaxation tracks tend to sound like *melodic, subdued Chopin sonatas* … while the alertness tracks tend to have more of a *Mozart sound.”

So this brings up an interesting thought: Is this is an indication that the great classical composers just listened to their own brainwaves to compose their music. Humm… What do YOU think…