How Can I Get My Life Back on Track?

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happiness I think we’ve all had moments when we feel our life is off track!

Maybe its our job, our business,  our relationship, or  just in our life in general. Sometimes this happens because we’ve been sitting on the fence too long. Sometimes because we feel we took a wrong turn, got off track, and cannot seem to recover and get happy.

Either way, when you feel your life is off track, only YOU have the power to declare decide when it’s time to get it back together. The following tips may help you get back on track and get happy.

1. Be honest with yourself
Admit, as quickly as possible, that you took a step that led you down the wrong path. Nothing will change until you personally acknowledge that you made a decision that is not working out well. The sooner, the better. Be willing to take 100% responsibility for the choices you make for your life.

2. Define an exit strategy
Once you’ve admitted to yourself you’re on the wrong path, decide how you’re going to get back on track. In some situations it may be necessary for you to stop what you are doing immediately. Often grabbing a fast exit could lead to even more stress and poor decision making. Take the time you need to get very clear on what it is you do want, and get your life back on track one step at a time.   You cannot get happy by rushing through this superficially.

3. Be gentle with yourself
Beating yourself up will only damage your self-esteem. Realize that we all take wrong turns. This is often especially true of the most successful individuals, who have no fear of trying something new.

4. Look for the lesson
There is always a lesson to be learned, and something that will help you get happy in the future.What did taking a wrong turn teach you about yourself? Do you need to listen to your gut more and others less? Do you need to listen to your heart and follow its calling? Do you need to value yourself more? Do you need to redefine what success means to you to get your life back on track?

5. Get back on the horse
Like many teenagers, I went through a period of being totally horse crazy. And since I loved to ride bareback, I often found myself flying through the air. The wisdom of the old cowpoke whose horses I rode was excellent life guidance: Just get back on the horse.

6. Make a Commitment
The most important thing you can do is to make a commitment to yourself to embrace postitive change. Is change easy? Not always! But is IS achievable one step at a time. What makes the difference is making a commitment and following through. And by far the consistently PROVEN WAY TO MAKE A POSITIVE CHANGE is to consistently recommit every day.  You will end up amazed at how one tiny change a day can literally transform your life. Here is a way to do it for yourself!

posted by Jill Ammon-Wexler
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Fake Your Way to Happiness

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Can you steer your life toward happiness by simply counting your blessings? Maybe. One recent researcher found that people who pause each day to reflect on the positive aspects of their lives (for example: their health, friends, family, education, freedom) are more likely to get happy and experience heightened well-being.

Or if you’re feeling a little down – maybe you can fake your way and get happy too! You may have more control over your mood than you think. According to other new research, people who choose to act more outgoing, happy or assertive actually improve their outlook on life.

In three complementary studies, William Fleeson and colleagues tracked the moods of more than 100 students. In the first study, 46 students kept diaries for approximately two weeks. They reported feeling happy and more positive when they acted outgoing. When acting shy and reserved, their feelings were just the opposite.

The second study looked at long-term effects of acting like an extrovert. Once again, the 10-week study revealed that the 57 students in this portion of the study were more likely to be happy when they acted more extroverted.

In the final study, 47 students were told to act either like an extrovert or introvert during a discussion group. Participants who were energetic and assertive had more fun, were happy, and enjoyed the group — while the passive and shy ones were unhappy in the situation.